With Friends Like These . . .

by Andrew Stuttaford

The Daily Telegraph’s Daniel Knowles (accidentally) makes a good case for voting against Britain’s Conservative Party (at least for now):

[T]he Coalition is turning out to be much more pro-Europe than anyone expected, and it’s not all thanks to the Lib Dems.

Almost as soon as the Coalition first came to power, William Hague took the effort to tell Brussels that he sees the EU as “an institution of enormous importance to the United Kingdom and to British foreign policy”, promising to “be energetically involved from the outset in the EU’s external policy challenges”. Conservatives ministers have not been skipping meetings in Europe – at least one seems to jet off to Brussels each week. The ‘veto’ of last December has been almost entirely forgotten, as British ‘observers’ weighed in at meetings of the European Council to suggest amendments to the new fiscal compact.

The truth that David Cameron has painfully realised is that fighting Europe isn’t often a good strategy. Of course, the EU has huge institutional problems, but we can’t solve them overnight…


I’d love to know how long Mr. Knowles thinks that it would take to “solve” those problems. In case he hasn’t noticed, the direction in which Brussels has been going is more of the same, but faster.

I note in passing that Mr. Knowles (like Messrs. Cameron and Obama, incidentally) appears to favor Turkish membership of the EU, an “insane” idea (to quote UKIP’s Nigel Farage) whose proponents must have very little understanding (one must assume) of what it would actually mean.

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