Civil War Studies

by John Derbyshire

With the tenth anniversary of my U.S. citizenship coming up (on a most auspicious date), I’ve decided I don’t know half as much as I ought about the American Civil War. I’m looking at this Great Courses set of lectures. It’s well reviewed on the site; but then, that’s the Great Courses site . . . Why would they publish bad reviews of their own products? It’s a bit pricey, too, for a poor scribbler.

Any conservatives listened to these lectures and have an opinion? E-mails to the address on my website, please, with “Civil War” in the subject line.

(And please don’t recommend video products. I’m only interested in audio. I am the least visual person ever to be blessed with the gift of sight, and it’s getting worse as I age. I fall asleep in movies. I come out in hives after 15 minutes of TV watching.)

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