The Answer Is in My ‘Learn About the United States’ Booklet

by Veronique de Rugy

I have been away for spring break with my kids and have only followed from a distance the debate triggered by the President’s comments about the Supreme Court. Interestingly, when I got home last night I was reading through my Quick Civics Lessons in the Naturalization Test booklet when I can across this question: What does the judicial branch do?

The answers allowed are:

  • reviews laws
  • explain laws
  • resolves disputes (disagreements)
  • decides if a law goes against the Constitution

It goes on to explain that, “If a law is not consistent with the Constitution, the [Supreme] Court can declare it unconstitutional. In this case, the Court rejects the law.” I understand that this a fairly simple explanation — maybe even an over simplification — but that’s what those of us who are taking a civics test to become Americans are learning these days.

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