Tomorrow on Radio Free Kudlow

by Jack Fowler

It’s Passover and Easter Weekend, true, but still, the Nation and Creation needs its weekly dose of Larry K’s economic sanity. On his program tomorrow—which can be heard on your local dial (and if the locals haven’t gotten the sense yet to carry Larry’s weekly syndicated radio program, listen in on the web here)—he’ll have a gang of big brains, including NR rock star Robert Costa, Congressman Kevin Brady, James Pethokoukis, Ed Lazear, Amity Shlaes, Stephen Weiss, Andy Friedman, Dan Henninger, David Malpass, Steve Moore, and John McIntyre, on hand to discuss

  • Mitt’s sweep of the weekly primaries—does it forebode a Santo loss in Pennsylvania?
  • Does the new jobs report reveal a losing-steam economy?
  • Obama’s bully spree against SCOTUS and Paul Ryan,
  • Does less Fed and more King Dollar equal a de facto lower-energy tax cut?
  • Will bumpier stocks be the result of slower profits?
  • And much more.

Listen, learn, and remember: Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. Enjoy your jellybeans!

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