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by NRO Staff

 From Special Report with Bret Baier |Thursday, April 5, 2012

On a conference being held at the White House Friday to highlight how the administration has created economic opportunity for women:

According to Jay Carney, it has nothing at all to do with the election. They actually think they can say that and do it with a straight face and get away with it. All administrations use taxpayer money to promote themselves in an election year, but this is pretty shameless and over the top.

Notice when the president said: It’s a wide range of issues. It’s not about contraception.

Of course it is about contraception. Because of the way it was handled and the way the media covered it, it became all of a sudden a war on women, which is a complete invention.

Now you get stories from the mainstream media — I think I saw a headline this morning that said “Republicans claim there is no war on women.” This is in the news part of the paper which is, of course, promoting the meme.

The idea is because there was some objection on religious liberty grounds to force Catholic institutions to dispense [contraception] for free, it’s a war on women. The idea of the meme was “they want to deny access to contraception,” as if Republicans want to shut the door of American pharmacies for any woman looking for contraception. So the media have collaborated in inventing an issue. Obama sees an opening. He actually said women aren’t an interest group. Of course they are in the eyes of the administration, and that’s why it’s holding a conference.

On meetings held Thursday between White House officials and members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood:

I think there are two points here. Number one, you have to speak to the Brotherhood because it’s now in control of parliament and it’s likely to win the presidential election. It will end up sharing the power — or monopolizing it — with the military, depending on whether the military can hang on to the part of power it has now. So to be realistic, you have to talk to them.

However, the second point is there is no reason that they have to be asked to the White House or even to the State Department. That gives them a level of prestige and approval from the United States that is completely gratuitous.

There is no reason whatsoever [to do this]. Yes, we have to have contacts, and we have that in Egypt. We have an ambassador and we have embassies. The idea is to conduct negotiations and let them know, the Brotherhood know, what the redline of America is — which is that you have to observe the treaty with Israel, other obligations, and not ally yourself in any way with Iran. Those are our redlines. So you do have negotiations.

But why you would have a delegation into the White House, which will be used by the Brotherhood at home to say “Look, we are not people you have to worry about. Even the Americans have us in the White House. We’ll be okay,” is absurd. It’s a continuation of Obama’s idea that as long as you engage somehow you will soften the other side. It’s naive. It doesn’t work.

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