What’s Ahead

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Peggy Noonan yesterday summed up my feeling about the coming months: 

I wasn’t that aware that Mr. Romney has started his campaign, but boy, it’s obvious that Mr. Obama has. He was tough. He was stark. He was dividing and labeling. Normally at this point . . . an incumbent candidate will take a more benign, embracing tone. There was none of that. It was stark, dividing, us versus them, and that suggests brutal days ahead for the next seven months.

Brace yourselves. Because we cannot afford anyone getting fatigue and sitting on the sidelines in the run-up to November. Our country is relying on everyone who finds themselves here using every voter-educational opportunity they can find or create. Pass along an article. One a day. Over e-mail. Over Facebook. However it is that you would naturally communicate. Mention a point in an article at the gym to an undecided voter. Whatever it is you do, pass along some clarity. We have seven months. Let’s make good use of them.

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