What Ho, Derb!

by Mark Steyn

Amidst the now familiar Derbyshire pro- and con-  arguments, my compatriot Jonathan Kay has a somewhat different take in Canada’s National Post. I must say the sentiments of his opening paragraph weigh heavier on me in the autumn of my career. But here’s his conclusion:

To the last, Derbyshire was true to his opinions, however outdated they were. And if we are to believe the post-firing interview he gave Gawker on Monday, Derbyshire has no regrets for the way it all ended.

“I may even just give up writing and work as a butler or something,” he told Gawker. “I sometimes feel I’ve said everything I want to say.”

Butlers, of course, went out with the Second World War. Then again, so did a lot of … other things. John Derbyshire, it seems, isn’t one to notice.

As it happens, I chanced last year to find myself in conversation with a lady from a domestic service agency. She told me that, with the influx of Russian oligarchs et al over the last decade, London now has more butlers (and other household servants) than at any time since the First World War. A lot of those things that go out have a habit of coming back.

 (PS For anyone who’s interested, I’m also in The National Post today.)

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