Poll Shows Being Good Governor Popular With New Jerseyans

by Daniel Foster

As a conservative in blue New Jersey, I’ve considered it a minor miracle that Chris Christie has managed to keep his approval ratings hovering on the right side of 50 percent for basically his entire term to date. But it looks like the governor might now be on his way to cracking the 60-percent threshold:

Republican Gov. Chris Christie is more popular than ever in New Jersey, according to a new poll.

Christie’s approval rating stands at 59 percent — the highest ever in the regular polls conducted by Quinnipiac University. Christie locks up the support of 92 percent of Republicans and 64 percent of independents. Democrats make up the only political group that views him more negatively than favorably; two out of three Democrats disapprove of Christie.

Turns out competence is popular, there’s hope for us yet! I’m not sure who the eight percent of Republicans disapproving of Christie are, but I figure I’ll start in the phone book at letter ‘A’ and go knock on some doors. You’re on notice.

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