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Stop Obama’s War on Women Staffers!


Speaking of a War on Women, look who pays his male employees 18 percent more than what he pays his female staffers: President Barack Obama!

Yes, the Great Equalizer of Women and Men, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of Feminism, turns out to compensate men at the White House almost one-fifth more money than women who work at the Executive Mansion, according to a report by Andrew Stiles in the Washington Free Beacon. Stiles’s article on Wednesday, in turn, was based on an analysis of the “2011 Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff.” This document provides the names, titles, and salaries of 454 of Obama’s workers. While women at the Obama White House earned median annual salaries of $60,000 last year, the equivalent remuneration for their male colleagues was some $71,000 — roughly 18 percent higher.

This gender inequality is slightly worse than the sex-based income gap at Obama’s former Senate outposts on Capitol Hill and in Illinois. Disclosure filings show that men who worked for Obama’s legislative offices earned 17 percent more than women on his staff. If anything, the pay disparity between men and women on Team Obama has widened marginally as his power has grown, along with his pay.

Why so many women left behind?

One explanation for Obama’s pay inequity is that he apparently is just not that into women in high places. Since his Senate days, top salaries have tended to benefit predominantly male senior staffers, while the lower-paid junior ranks have been the likelier places to find women.

#more#Obama and his Democrat comrades have concocted a fake Republican “War on Women.” Its Pearl Harbor presumably was the GOP’s reluctance to force employers with conscientious objections to contraception to include such drugs and services in their employees’ medical coverage. The Republicans’ Bataan Death March supposedly was its opposition to mandating that health insurers give away free contraceptives to any and all women, even those who easily could afford to buy it themselves. The GOP’s hostility to yet another Washington-based, universal (or at least all-female) entitlement via Obamacare must have been this war’s Iwo Jima.

Obama continues to fantasize about fighting on the beaches and fighting in the hills to defend women against battalions of Republicans. Nonetheless, any woman in America who wants birth-control pills remains perfectly free to purchase them with her own money for about $1.66 per day. (Planned Parenthood provides them even more cheaply to poor women.) Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, and other female 1 percenters do not need Obama’s help to purchase contraceptives.

(The health insurance industry’s silent acceptance of Obama’s lawless edicts in this matter is the War on Women’s French-style hasty surrender.)

Obama should stop his grating hypocrisy and pursue fairness and social justice by ending his very own War on Women. Obama should start by paying his female staffers median salaries of $71,000, just like all the president’s men. (Alternatively, Obama could achieve fairness by cutting male pay to female levels.) The much-empowered women of the White House then would be free to choose whether to spend their 18 percent higher incomes on birth control — or whatever else helps them pursue happiness.