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Fiorello LaBloomberg


Although I will always heart New York, one of the reasons I’m glad I no longer live there is Mayor Mike Bloomberg, whose comments today in Politico tell you all you need to know about his ham-fisted philosophy of urban governance:

“The laws are not the kind of laws a civilized society should have and the [National Rifle Association] should be ashamed of themselves. This has nothing to do with gun-owners’ rights. This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. Plain and simple, this is just trying to give people a license to murder.”

Well, no. As Robert pointed out earlier today, the plain language of the law clearly has to do with the fundamental right to self-defense, something the Left has been busily trying to strip away from American citizens for years. But the anti-gun-nut billionaire Bloomberg doesn’t care what happens on the streets of New York, especially the outer boroughs experiencing waves of change; he’s got his, Jack, including fleets of security and an island getaway for when the urban jungle becomes just too tough. He’s such a man of the people that he lives in his own town house on the Upper East Side, and wants to keep the forsaken Gracie Mansion mayor-free for eternity. Bloomberg’s attitude is all too typical of big-city mayors and police chiefs (but not of the cops who serve under them): die quietly, the morgue attendants will come and pick you up, and Inspector Bucket will sort it all out down the line, maybe. Bloomberg’s attitude toward firearms is indistinguishable from the typical Leftist’s: at any moment, an armed citizen may suddenly turn into a murderous monster, and he must be prophylactically stopped.

In short, he’s an unworthy successor to Rudy Giuliani and Ed Koch, and a disgrace to the memory of New York’s great mayors, who knew how to harmoniously balance civics and sin, crime-fighting and corruption. Indeed, the mayor he most resembles, in many ways, is Fiorello LaGuardia, the “Little Flower,” the most overrated Hizzoner of the 20th century. Like the opportunistic Bloomberg, a former Democrat, the long-reigning LaGuardia was priggish, bullying, intolerant, and incapable of seeing things any way but his way. A Republican-Fusion candidate — we’d call him a RINO today — LaGuardia was a tiny FDR clone, enamored of big government and the liberal application of the NYPD, who set Robert Moses loose to bulldoze New York into submission, destroying historic neighborhoods and changing forever the city’s relationship to its natural setting. (Moses even tried to flatten Greenwich Village and Little Italy with the Lower Manhattan Expressway, which would have bisected the borough with a ten-lane elevated highway.)

It was LaGuardia who took the Fun out of Fun City, banishing the urban gangsters who, among other things, gave the town its booze, its broads, its Broadway shows and its prize fights. With his war on smoking and trans-fats — not to mention other people’s guns — Mayor Mike has no sense of what once made New York New York. But what would you expect from a guy from Boston


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