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Britain’s House (of Lords) Islamist Places £10 Million Bounty on Obama and Bush


What a proud day for the world’s most important alliance. MEMRI reports that during a recent visit to his native Pakistan, Lord Nazir Ahmed, a member of the British House of Lords, announced that he was putting up a bounty of £10 million for the capture of President Barack Obama and his predecessor, President George W. Bush. 

The bounty is an expression of solidarity with the Pakistan-based jihadist organization, Lashkar-e-Taiba, for aid in the capture of whose chief (Hafiz Muhammad Saeed) the United States has announced a $10 million reward. Lord (ahem) Ahmed regards the U.S. bid as “an insult to all Muslims” and a “challenge [to the] dignity of the Muslim ummah.” The ummah is the notional worldwide community of Muslims — and here you thought members of Parliament represented Britain.

In 1998, Ahmed became Britain’s first Muslim life peer. Thank you Tony Blair.


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