O.W.S., R.I.P.

by John J. Miller

Anthony Dent of The College Fix on the end of the occupation:

Based on the wave of recent reports detailing the declining interest in Occupy Wall Street, let’s just bite the bullet and publish the final obit: Occupy Wall Street, Dead, 213 Days Old.

At the University of North Carolina, The Daily Tar Heel recently observed, “Occupy Chapel Hill-Carrboro meeting attendees once packed a plaza, but these days they barely surround a coffee table.”

Other encampments around the country are in similar decline. While Occupy New Haven recently celebrated its six-month anniversary, the encampment is on its last legs. This despite a dose of legal life-support it received from a federal injunction overturning an earlier decision in which judges sided with the city in their efforts to evict the protesters.

A prominent member of Occupy New Haven has even joined city officials in calling for an end to the occupation. “The longer we stay [encamped] on the Green, the more damage we do to our cause,” he wrote in a statement.

This hasn’t stopped some occupiers from ignoring the doom right before their eyes as if they are the dinner guests in a sordid reproduction of the “Death” scene from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life—just look at last month’s re-occupation at UC-Davis.

Links galore in the original — though I simply had to keep the one from Monty Python: “Well that’s cast rather a gloom over the evening.”

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