How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Hollywood

by John J. Miller

Want to make a movie? Start here:

Taliesin Nexus is thrilled to announce a new Hollywood summer internship program for libertarian and conservative filmmakers.  We’ve also scheduled our third annual Filmmakers Workshop which will take place in August at UCLA. …

Taliesin Nexus is now accepting applications from right-of-center aspiring filmmakers for three summer internships with major Hollywood production companies.  How major?  The hosts have produced such hit movies as “Braveheart,” “Elf,” “The Wedding Crashers,” and “The Passion of the Christ.” TN is also accepting applications for about two dozen slots in its acclaimed Filmmakers Workshop, a three-day weekend conference that takes place in August on the campus of UCLA. You can apply to one or both programs using the same application form.  Both programs include free travel to and from L.A. and assistance with covering living expenses. For further information, go here:

This raises an obvious question: What’s a Taliesin? From the website:

TALIESIN was a sixth-century Welsh bard whom legend credits with preserving the art of storytelling through the Dark Ages.

TALIESIN is also the name that transformative architect Frank Lloyd Wright gave to his home studio, where he designed many of his landmark buildings.

For us, Taliesin represents the triumph of the radical creative through time over the forces who would discourage or stamp him or her out.

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