Iran Arrests 15 Accused of Plotting Assassinations

by Nathaniel Botwinick

Iran has arrested 15 individuals it accuses of plotting to assassinate its nuclear scientists.

Iran state media announced on Wednesday that 15 people, including Iranians and unspecified foreigners, had been arrested in connection with what the country’s Intelligence Ministry described as a “Zionist-regime-linked” plot to assassinate one of its “specialists.” The report by the state broadcaster IRIB also said Iran’s intelligence services had uncovered an Israeli spy base in a neighboring country, without elaborating.

The timing of the arrests described on Wednesday was not immediately clear. The official Islamic Republic News Agency reported on April 10 that all the members of a “terrorist team” had been detained by security forces in Iran before they had a chance to carry out their attack. The report promised further details in the coming days.

In describing the alleged plot on Wednesday, the new report said that the attack had been planned for Feb. 10, a day ahead of anniversary celebrations observing Iran’s 1979 revolution, appearing to indicate that the arrests may have taken place more than two months ago.

The “Israeli spy base” is probably a reference to the recently disclosed reports that Israel has strengthened ties to Azerbaijan. Despite its disappearance from national headlines, the clandestine war over Iran’s nuclear-weapons program continues unabated.

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