A Final Christi Cunningham Quotation

by Charles C. W. Cooke

Lest anyone who has read my piece today wonder why, practically speaking, it matters that people such as Christi Cunningham work at the Department of Labor, I thought I’d share one more quotation. This is from “The ‘Racing’ Cause Of Action And The Identity Formerly Known As Race: The Road To Tamazunchale”:

Imposing a strict quota system might also equalize the relative values of the races. The authority of the state that was used to create race currency could, with equal or less force, destroy it. Gradually, beginning in majority institutions, strict proportional quotas could be enforced. Various methods could be used to calculate proportionality. So, for example, if fifteen percent of residents of a city were Black or Latino or Asian or Native American, then, beginning with majority employers, gradually employers would be required to attain proportional representation among their employees. The same would apply to police forces, public and private elementary, secondary, graduate, professional, or other educational institutions. Public offices at the federal, state, and local level would be proportionally populated. Tax and welfare systems would be modified to redistribute wealth proportionately. Zoning for liquor stores, prisons, and waste treatment facilities would be located proportionally. Banks and real estate institutions would ensure that buyers were proportionally distributed in majority neighborhoods. Once achieved, proportional distribution would be maintained for two or three hundred years, calculated every ten years to monitor changes in demographics. After two or three hundred years of proportional distribution, all race-related laws would be eliminated and prohibited.

My full piece is here.

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