Gingrich Plays Professor

by Robert Costa

This morning I caught up with Newt Gingrich at Millersville University in Pennsylvania, where he stepped back into his old role, delivering a lecture to a group of students. From my piece, over on the homepage

So what’s it like to attend a class taught by Professor Newt? Well, it’s a lively, blurry experience. He has the quirky, frustrated manner of an associate professor who missed tenure and openly despises the administration. As with most things Gingrich, it can be thrilling, but also quite long-winded.

A few minutes after 10 a.m., Gingrich strolls in, shadowed by his Secret Service detail. His blue tie is askew, his white hair droops over his forehead, and his face is grim. He does not carry any books or papers. He folds his hands as the course’s usual lecturer introduces him. He looks exhausted.

But then, a moment later, he lights up. “I like being in classrooms, so this is fun,” Gingrich tells the group of 20-plus undergraduates as he moves to the lectern. “It’s a good excuse for me to actually talk about ideas.”

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