1979 Redux?

by Victor Davis Hanson

In a variety of landscapes — North Korea, Russia, China, Iran, the Middle East, South America — this administration has either overtly or inadvertently given signals that if one were to alter the existing strategic landscape the U.S. might not react. After three years of everything from overseas contingencies operations, open mics, the Maldives/Malvinas, serial deadlines to Iran, “light” between the U.S. and Israel to the abrupt withdrawal of all U.S. combat troops in Iraq, confusion about North Korea, “reset,” and the administration’s on again/off again attention span in Afghanistan, I think there is a good chance for a “correction” by mid- or late-2012, in which some decide that it is time to cash out their chips and take what they think are their winnings home. That we are $5 trillion poorer than we were three years ago and facing massive budget cuts as we add another $1 trillion a year to the debt is also not lost on our enemies.

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