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Carney Says It’s Romney Who’s in the ‘Doghouse’


If I understand the facts correctly, President Obama literally stalked, killed, dressed, butchered, cooked, and consumed a 14-pound Puggle as recently as last week. (Can anyone double-check that?)

Here’s White House press secretary Jay Carney today, trying to sweep this under the rug like the picked-clean bones of so many Standard Poodles :

“Making a big deal out of it sounds like someone whose trying to get out of the doghouse on something,” Carney joked during the press briefing today. Mitt Romney’s top campaign aide, Eric Fehrnstrom, tweaked his counterpart on Obama’s team after reporters noticed that Obama wrote about trying dog meat in his first book, Dreams of my Father. The Obama camp had previously faulted Romney for transporting his dog in a crate on the roof of his car.

“He may know about it, I don’t know more than that,” Carney said of the back-and-forth between Fehrnstrom and Axelrod. “I think were talking about a reference in this book to a period when he was six or seven years old.”

Seriously, I don’t think boy-Barack’s consumption of dog meat is relevant to the campaign, even a little bit. But I am enjoying every second of this. Seamus-gate was a trumped up, stupid story from the word “go.” (One that turned on conflating a dog’s subjective well-being with his objective well-being. The short version of this argument is that, so long as Seamus was safe, he was no more tortured than any dog who was ever subjected to the misery of a bath or a trip to the vet.)

Which is what makes the revelation that Obama no less than roasts whole Chihuahuas over a massive spit in his Great Hall during state dinners (again, can we confirm that? Quick Google search?) the best petard self-hoisting in recent memory. The day before yesterday, you’d think one of the most important things about Mitt Romney is that he securely strapped a dog crate to the roof of his car in 1982. Obama proxies thought they had this perfect issue that made Romney look cold, inhumane, and cruel. Fast forward to today and it’s the height of petulance and immaturity to bring up the fact that the president cures homemade, all-natural Labrador & fennel sausages in the soft breezes of the White House portico (Source TK).