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Where’s the Bacon?


The National Catholic Prayer Breakfast may not have been the biggest news story of yesterday, but it did happen. I was there, along with members of Congress and leaders from various walks of life throughout the country. The head of the Knights of Columbus gave a riveting call to action in defense of liberty. The papal nuncio to the United Nations urged on the “fight for the soul of America.” A nun was even allowed to speak! But it’s missing from mainstream news.

Well not entirely. I did see a tweet from CNN’s Belief blog. I caught it while I was live-tweeting and it read like the reporter was at a different event:

At National Catholic Prayer Bkfst in DC, Knights of Columbus prez is using his speech largely to bash Obama administration

Well, Anderson did criticize the HHS mandate and this administration’s hostility to religious freedom. But that doesn’t quite capture the whole of Anderson’s remarks. The speech was a call to action to the Catholics gathered to be who we say we are. To not let the tyranny of relativism push the faithful out of the public square, and with our buy-in. The speech, all the speeches, was a robust defense of the principle of religious liberty, of freedom itself. 

This, since you’ve read this far, is my favorite part of the Anderson speech:

During the current HHS controversy some have asked, “What kind of Christians would impose such a government mandate on our religious institutions?”

In December, 1941, with Britain in mortal peril and America reeling after Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill addressed the United States Congress. 

In that worst of times, he scorned the enemies of freedom and defiantly asked, ―What kind of people do they think we are!

Today, with the same defiance, we can declare, “What kind of Catholics do they think we are!”

Do they really expect us to go gently into that dark night they are preparing for religious liberty in America?

Do they not know that people who believe in ―one holy, catholic, and apostolic church can never agree to compromise our Church by entangling it in intrinsically evil acts?

Do they not see that faithful Catholics will never accept cynical political strategies of divide and conquer to separate us from our bishops?

But to CNN it was nothing much more than an Obama-bashing breakfast. And I guess then the Vatican had Sebelius-allied nuns for lunch?

Yesterday morning was just like those marches I walk in that never really happen, as far as most of the media is concerned. Or the religious-liberty rallies or . . .


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