Cherry Picking Whom to Offend

by Katrina Trinko

Thanks to a campaign by civil rights group Color of Change, several companies cut ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council in recent weeks. ALEC’s work is primarily related to promoting the free market and reducing government size, but the group had worked on two issues — voter ID and Stand Your Ground laws — that Color of Change vehemently opposed. Color of Change’s pressure was so successful that ALEC announced this week they would no longer promote those issues.

But according to a report from Bloomberg this week, 13 companies have given in simultaneously to ALEC and the Congressional Black Caucus, which opposes voter-ID laws. Now, 70 percent of Americans think that it’s necessary to have voter-ID laws to prevent fraud, according to a Fox News poll released this week. Seventy percent — not exactly a small minority of the population.

So will the companies that left ALEC also stop funding the Congressional Black Caucus? Because here are some items the CBC has supported that not all Americans favor:

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