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‘Now That’s Justice for Trayvon’


The news reports are quite murky, but there’s been a brutal beating in Mobile, Ala., that seems to tie in to the Trayvon Martin incident. Apparently, there were growing tensions between a white man named Matthew Owens and a group of black kids who shut down the street to play basketball. “Racial comments from both sides may have made the confrontations more toxic,” according to a local TV station.

At any rate, according to a different local station, police say that after Owens “fussed at” some of the kids playing basketball, a group of adults came back, armed with various weapons. I’ve seen references to paint cans, pipes, chairs, and even brass knuckles, and the size of the group has been reported as between ten and twenty. Owens is now in critical condition. His sister, who saw the attack, said that when it was over, one of the assailants said, “Now that’s justice for Trayvon.”