In 2007, Obama Was No-Show on Student Loan Bill

by Katrina Trinko

Turns out that President Obama, who is currently aggressively pushing to extend the low-interest rates on subsidized student loans, didn’t even bother to leave the campaign trail and vote for the original bill in 2007, per ABC

At this point, it looks like Republicans — although not thrilled about the legislation, partly because of its temporary nature — will look to pass it if offsetting cuts can be made. (The legislation would cost around $6 billion to extend for a year.) In a conference call sponsored by the Romney campaign this morning (Romney came out in support of the extension yesterday), Illinois Republican Rep. Aaron Schock said he’d support the extension if the money could be found, saying, “we shouldn’t allow issues like this to bog down the bigger agenda, which is ‘how do we create jobs in this country?’”

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