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by NRO Staff

From Special Report with Bret Baier | Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On Sen. Chuck Schumer’s announcement yesterday that he will introduce legislation to block Arizona’s illegal-immigration law if it is upheld by the Supreme Court:

I wonder what has gotten into Democrats. This principle of judicial supremacy was established in 1803 and, generally speaking, Democrats like it. In fact, they worship at the shrine of the abortion decision that 40 years ago overturned democratically passed laws on abortion restrictions in 46 states, and not only worship that law — it’s so important to them that nobody can be considered for  the Supreme Court by Democrats unless they uphold and support the abortion decision.

And now all of a sudden, starting with Obama and going to Schumer, all of a sudden they are threatening the Court, and Schumer is saying if you don’t overturn the [Arizona immigration] law then I’ll introduce legislation [to overturn it]. [The Democrats] ought to have a sense that the Republic endures after Election Day.There is a principle at stake here…

In the end, democracy has to have an arbiter of what’s constitutional — it has to have a single arbiter — and the Court is the right place. And to hear Democrats opposing it repeatedly is rather disappointing. The [Sen. Schumer’s] proposal would be unconstitutional even if it passed. Once the court decides, it’s decided.

On President Obama’s efforts to galvanize the youth vote in 2012:

Well, if the deficit among Hispanics is a problem for Republicans, the enthusiasm gap…among the young, is a very difficult problem for Obama. Look, in 2008, he was a rocket. He was a meteor. And his support — the young are the perfect exemplars of hope over experience. And Obama offered them hope. He was exciting. He was sleek. He was Apple — McCain was Microsoft. He was historic, as well. It was easy to understand the enthusiasm.

Obama offered hope and… now the youth have experience. … I think Romney’s answer was a trump card: “Not only am I going to support extension of the cut in loan [interest rates] but I’ll point out that you need it because Obama has left you in an economy in which youth unemployment is extraordinarily high and that is a result of a sluggish economy.”

On whether the president can “recapture the imagination of young people”:

Absolutely not. It’s done. He was unknown at the time and he was everything you wanted him to be. Now he’s known.

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