Mourdock Opposes Fairness Doctrine (Updated)

by Brian Bolduc

Senator Dick Lugar’s campaign has been making hay about the fact that in a 1992 questionnaire Richard Mourdock was listed as a supporter of the Fairness Doctrine. In response, Mourdock’s press secretary, Chris Conner, writes in an e-mail to NRO, “Richard opposes the re-institution of the Fairness Doctrine, which would violate free speech.”

update: The Lugar campaign also has resurrected a Mourdock quote from 1992, when the then-candidate suggested that the federal government pay for the first year of college for any student with a B average or better. In response, Mourdock spokesman Chris Conner writes, “Twenty years ago, we weren’t looking at a national debt of $15 trillion. Given our current economic situation, we can’t have such discussions regarding innovation in higher education.” 

update ii: Andy Fisher of the Lugar campaign responds: “From every data point we see the race is treading toward Lugar as Hoosiers have more questions about trust in Richard Mourdock and our closing campaign operations will certainly continue that path to victory. Clearly today’s revelations have the Mourdock camp worried.”    

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