Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Special Report with Bret Baier | Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On President Obama’s campaigning for the last several days at college campuses:

Well, I would say he has been nonstop campaigning since Labor Day.

We are in a dead heat. I think Republicans are demoralized because they had a big lead a year ago, six months ago. When you blow a nine-run lead you feel that you will lose when the score is tied and we’re going into extra innings.

[But] they are evenly matched. Obama has a problem, which is his record. And Romney has a problem, which is he is a less attractive personality than Obama is….

On both sides there is a decline is enthusiasm. Obama is not going to have the young people coming out as they did in 2008. And I think Romney has an enthusiasm gap. Conservatives are not going to be coming out as they were in 2010.

On Newt Gingrich’s plan to endorse Mitt Romney:

Well, it makes it official and gives a kind of closure. The RNC said today, even in advance of Gingrich’s official withdrawal, [that] they will consider Romney the presumptive nominee and merge the organizations of Romney and the RNC. So it’s a done deal….

[Gingrich] has a lot to contribute. I don’t think he was cut out to be president, and that’s what the electorate decided. I think he’d make great senator or ambassador. I think there is a place for him if Romney wins, and I hope he gets a position of importance, such as UN ambassador.

I’m not predicting that Romney will appoint him. I’m not saying he will be an asset in the general election. I’m saying he would be an asset to the country in a Republican administration….

On President Obama’s recent remark that the Secret Service scandal was “a little distracting,” but that “a couple of knuckleheads” don’t detract from the agency’s work.

I’m with Obama on this. I find it hard to get excited about this scandal.

Look, there was real stuff happening in the Cold War. U.S. officials would be in Moscow and set up with a woman with cameras. They’d blackmail the official and they would be able to turn somebody into an [espionage] agent against the United States. That’s serious stuff.

Colombia is not an enemy country. The Cold War is over. There is no evidence of any blackmail or breach of security. I’m not an expert on this, but I had a cursory look at the women involved, and they don’t have the appearance of skilled double agents.

[The Secret Service guys] shouldn’t be doing that. They’re grown men. They have a real responsibility. Obviously a breach of discipline. And obviously it has to be dealt with.

Call me a troglodyte, but I find it hard to get extremely upset about this. There are real scandals, the GSA scandal, other scandals in the country. This one is — I put it a two on a scale of ten.

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