Tomorrow on Radio Free Kudlow

by Jack Fowler

Big issues and big names are on deck for Saturday’s edition of Larry’s hot-’n-happenin’ syndicated radio program, heard locally over your Marconi Box or around the globe via the World Wide Web here. Joining America’s primo free market champion on the mike will be an all-star line-up: Senators Pat Toomey and John Kyl, Art Laffer, NR’s own Bob Costa, Joe LaVorgna, Michael Farr, David Goldman, Jennifer Rubin, Steve Moore, James Pethokoukis, and John McIntyre. They’ll be discussing mucho subjects, including how a poor jobs report opens a wider door for a Romney victory, Laffer’s economy RX, the Chris Christie veepstakes, the Senate GOP’s plans on Keystone, taxes and spending, whether falling stocks are a sign of a spring stall for the U.S. economy and profits, and much more. Listen, learn, and remember: Free-market capitalism is the best path to prosperity!

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