Today’s Questions for the President

by Peter Kirsanow

Your campaign has produced an ad detailing the government-funded benefits given to a fictional character named Julia, which benefits include, but are not limited to, federally funded pre-school education, federally funded grade-school education, federally funded college education, federal funding for starting her web design business, federally funded Obamacare services, Medicare, and Social Security benefits.

The national debt is $15.7 trillion — $140,000 per taxpayer. Nearly $5 trillion of the debt was accumulated in just the last three and a half years. The annual costs of Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security and interest on the debt are $831 billion, $741 billion, and $226 billion respectively. Together, these costs consume 80 percent of all federal tax revenue.

In light of the above figures, how are Julia’s benefits going to be paid over the course of her lifetime? Who is going to pay for them and how much will they cost? How much will Julia and/or her family pay?

What is it about Julia’s circumstances that requires a lifetime of federal assistance? What specific steps has your administration taken to reduce or eliminate Julia’s (ostensible) need for a lifetime of federal funding?

How many Julias are there in the United States today? How many do you expect there to be after a second Obama term? What specific steps has your administration taken to ensure that Medicare and Social Security benefits are available to the Julias who aren’t baby boomers?

What other federal benefits will be available to Julia in a second Obama term? How much will such benefits cost?

What percentage of Julia’s benefits do you expect China to fund?

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