Is Maggie Gallagher a Victim?

by Maggie Gallagher

I acceded to Andrew Sullivan’s request to do his “Ask Me Anything” series.

In his post this morning he makes this comment: “Listening to Maggie Gallagher this week, you may be struck by how she sees herself as the victim.”

No, Andrew, I do not see myself as a victim. That would be absurd.

Nonetheless, the wall of hatred now directed at anyone who opposes gay marriage or traditional understandings of sex and gender is worth mentioning. Because it tells us what gay marriage is about. Not pluralism, not live-and-let-live, but establishing a new public morality which will not be optional.

And because real people are being affected by this wall of hatred.

And because hatred of one another is wrong, coming from any part of the political spectrum.

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