Read All About It

by John J. Miller

Here at Hillsdale College, the semester just ended and graduation is Saturday (with Roger Scruton as the commencement speaker). So my thoughts are already turning to the fall, when I’ll teach a course called “Political Journalism and the 2012 Election.” It has two goals: 1. Help students become better writers by having them write about politics (candidate profiles, op-eds, etc.); 2. Help students learn about modern U.S. political history.

Now I’d like your advice. Parts of the course can’t be plotted in advance because the news will drive the readings. But I plan to assign a pair of books: The Prince of Darkness, by Robert Novak and Primary Colors, by Anonymous (i.e. Joe Klein). There will be plenty of shorter readings as well, including excerpts from The Making of the President 1960, by T. H. White and What It Takes, by Richard Ben Cramer.

What else would you include on the syllabus? Please put your thoughts in the comments section.

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