In Quebec, the Left Is Revolting

by Charles C. W. Cooke

My piece today is on the revolting students in Quebec, who have contrived to riot, protest, and go “on strike” for three months now — despite having the best college deal in Canada. Yesterday, according to the BBC:

Smoke bombs were set off in several subway stations in Montreal, Canada, temporarily halting service during rush hour, police say.

Most subways were operating normally by 10:00 (14:00 GMT), and there were no reports of injuries.

Thousands of commuters were stranded on Thursday morning, with traffic jams and long queues at bus stops as a result.

Montreal’s subway service has been disrupted in recent weeks by student protests over rising tuition fees.

However, police have not linked Thursday’s incident with the student protests.

Naturally, nobody knows who was responsible for this. But, as I note in my piece, “the protest [has] been hijacked by environmental groups, unions, extreme separatist groups such as the Parti Québécois, the Socialist International, and a bunch of garden-variety anarchists, and . . . they [have] transformed the protests into a general opposition movement against the government.” No doubt now that the Black Bloc has turned up, the police will need to be extra vigilant.

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