Bristol Palin: Unwed Moms for Marriage Unite!

by Maggie Gallagher

Bristol Palin is getting hammered by fellow celebs because she thinks Obama is wrong on gay marriage, according to this story.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant, author and unwed mother said in her blog: “We know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home.” . . .

Reaction to her comments came swiftly.

Samantha Ronson, celebrity DJ and former girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan said of Palin’s mother/father comment, “really bristol palin? how’s your kid doing?”

Jersey Shore star JWoww first tweeted, “Bristol should keep her uneducated ignorant mouth shut. If Ur living in the past u wouldn’t have a kid w/out marriage #hypocrite. It’s 2012!”

As a former unwed mother myself, I find this line of personal attack not only ugly, but ignorant: Women who know what it’s like to raise children alone are especially qualified to pronounce on the idea and the ideal that children need a mom and dad.

It can’t be easy being media fodder because you’re (a) Sarah Palin’s daughter and (b) an unwed teen mom. Kudos to her for her courage in standing up for marriage.

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