Radio Free Kudlow My Saturday Doth Make

by Jack Fowler

Larry hits the airwaves tomorrow (from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern time, and if you can’t hear him over your radio, then listen via the web here) with his syndicated brilliance, accompanied by a cast of illustrious guests — including Senator Tom Coburn, NR’s Bob Costa, Mike Ozanian, Michael Farr, Professor John Taylor, Bob Tyrrell, David Malpass, Steve Moore, and James Pethokoukis — who will be discussing a myriad of topics, including the debt bomb, the bond market’s woes, Mitt’s need for more investor-class support, how the Do-Nothing Dems are blocking economic growth, CEOs rebelling against tax hikes on cap gains and dividends, and much more. Did we mention Professor Taylor’s square-off with Larry Summers on the merits (if any!) of Obamanomics? Listen, learn, and remember: Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. This Corner post brought to you by the Kudlow Creed Choir.

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