Obama Camp: It’s Just Romney Who’s Evil, Not Private-Equity Firms

by Katrina Trinko

President Obama’s in New York City today, doing two pricey fundraisers, with tickets going for $5,000 and $35,800 respectively. And apparently, it occurred to his campaign that attacking Wall Street vehemently the day of high-dollar fundraisers wasn’t a smart move.

So during a conference call today attacking Mitt Romney for the GST Steel bankruptcy and layoffs (which occurred two years after Romney had ended his involvement in the day-to-day workings of Bain), Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter was quick to stress that it wasn’t that the administration objected to private-equity firms. “No one is questioning the private-equity industry as a whole,” Cutter said, even as she laid the blame for the layoffs at Romney’s feet, saying that he lacked the values to be president and had shown himself incapable of caring about the middle class.  

So, in other words, it’s okay — great, even — to be a private-equity investor and have the wrong values about middle-class people until you decide to stop writing checks and start running for office.

Cutter also announced that the Obama campaign would be focusing on Bain in the next few weeks, highlighting various companies.

Also, it’s interesting to note that less than a week ago the Obama campaign was slamming Romney (and his super PACs) for running negative ads and noting how positive they were being. That lasted a long time.

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