Today’s Questions for the President

by Peter Kirsanow

You assert that your administration has created more than 4 million jobs over the last two years.

Specifically, which of your policies created such jobs or the conditions for such jobs to be created? How many jobs were created, in whole or in part, by each policy? How did these policies create the jobs? What evidence do you have that, but for your policies, the jobs in question would not have been created?

In what specific industries and occupations have jobs been created as a result of your policies? Who are the 100 employers that have hired the most employees as a direct result of your policies? Did these employers inform your administration that they would not or could not have hired the employees but for your policies?

How many of the jobs were created in Texas? How many in California? Why do your job creation policies seem to be more effective in the former state than the latter? 

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