Our Most Loyal Ally

by Jonah Goldberg

Eleven years ago, I wrote this piece on the enduring alliance between dogs and humans. It’s an abiding interest of mine, as Corner readers know well enough. (I’ve even fiddled with writing a book on the subject). Well, new research suggests that we owe dogs more than we may have realized. Without them, we may not have crushed the Neanderthals.

In other news, cats waited it out until they were sure the Neanderthals were going to lose, and then betrayed the Neanderthals to the humans. In an effort to gain human trust, the felines even launched an insurrection against their Neanderthal rulers at the eleventh hour. Some (and by some I mean me) contend the Neanderthals called this last-minute treason, the “Meow-Meow uprising.”

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