Walter Mondale: Bummed Out by the Supreme Court

by Patrick Brennan

Politico’s John F. Harris and Jonathan Martin sat down for an interview recently with Walter Mondale, and the former presidential candidate had some particularly interesting thoughts about recent events regarding the Supreme Court. They explain:

Among his biggest concerns is what the 1984 Democratic nominee-a former Minnesota attorney general-sees as a nearly unprecedented politicization of the Supreme Court. “Our Court, as long as I’ve been around, has been in many ways our nation’s most remarkable institution,” Mondale said. “It has been bipartisan, we’ve had great judges with a lot of vision. Without it, we wouldn’t have civil rights, we wouldn’t have so many things that have made America more open, more fair, more trustworthy. Now it’s become a kind of harsh, partisan institution. You have ‘Citizens United,’ you have the Florida case, you have some real bummers coming up here.

Apparently, Mondale’s idea of a “bipartisan” Court would be judges with “a lot of vision” who don’t make any decisions Democrats might consider “bummers.”

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