Another Obama Attack Video on Bain

by Katrina Trinko

The Obama campaign released a video this morning on Ampad, an Indiana company owned by Bain that went bankrupt in 2000 and had previously cut over 200 jobs in 1995 when a plant was closed down: 

“President Obama continues his assault on the free enterprise system with attacks that one of his supporters, Newark mayor Cory Booker, called ‘nauseating’ and a former adviser, Steven Rattner, called ‘unfair,’” said Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul in a statement.  Under President Obama, more Americans have lost their jobs than under any president since the Great Depression. President Obama’s policies have failed every American who expected their president to focus on the economy and make things better. Americans expected a different kind of politics from Barack Obama but, sadly, this is just more of the same failed politics that dominates Washington.”

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