Poll: Brown and Warren in Dead Heat, Indian Flap Not Hurting

by Daniel Foster

A new Suffolk University poll shows Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren in a statistical tie in Massachusetts, with Brown holding a 48–47 lead among likely voters, well within the margin of error.

Notable from the poll:

  • Just 5 percent of voters remain undecided.
  • 72 percent are aware of Warren’s Cherokee controversy. Of them, 49 percent believe Warren is telling the truth about being part Native American, 28 percent think she’s lying, and 23 percent aren’t sure.
  • 41 percent say they think Warren benefited by listing herself as a minority, while 45 percent say she didn’t. 
  • 69 percent say the Cherokee stuff is a non-issue, 27 percent say it is.
  • Brown’s favorables enjoyed a six-point jump from February, hitting a 58 percent approval rating. His unfavorable remains at 28 percent.

Full results here.

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