More Dirt from Dewhurst

by Rich Lowry

By all accounts down in Texas, David Dewhurst is going for the kill against Ted Cruz with another barrage of laughably dishonest ads which have been a hallmark of his campaign. Here’s a quick description:

The new Dewhurst attack ad, which you can listen to below, is sort of a three-dimensional effort at guilt by association: Cruz says he is against amnesty for illegal immigrants but has sat on boards of two groups that supposedly favor amnesty, and moreover is supported in his Senate bid by Club for Growth, whose president Chris Chocola supposedly favors amnesty. Or so Dewhurst says at this website. The groups are Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute and the Hispanic Leadership Fund. We couldn’t reach Chocola or the groups for a response.

“Ted Cruz has deep ties to Washington pro-amnesty kingpins who have poured millions into his fading campaign, and Ted owes them big-time,” said Dewhurst senior adviser Dave Carney. Dewhurst spokesman Matt Hirsch said the radio ad will run statewide and “is a significant buy.”

Cruz strategist and media consultant Jason Johnson responded that Dewhurst “is a shameless, desperate and sad career politician so hooked on power that he thinks Texans are stupid enough to believe that the same Ted Cruz who successfully defended Texas’ right to execute an illegal alien for raping and murdering two teenage girls is somehow soft on illegal immigration.”

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