Celeb Prez Gone Bad

by Mark Steyn

While the star of Farm Girls Gone Bad has no difficulty getting her photograph taken with Bill Clinton, for less illustrious party guests it’s all a bit more complicated:

Angry guests who paid up to £1,000 to attend an exclusive event hosted by Bill Clinton dubbed the “worst party ever”, should receive refunds, one of the co-hosts has said…

The fund-raiser has been described as the “worst party ever” by angry guests, some of whom were forced to wait outside for up to 90 minutes while high profile attendees were admitted inside.

When they were eventually admitted, guests complained that the underground venue “stank”, perspiration was “dripping off the walls” while the rooms were “chaotic” and too overcrowded to even see the former president.

Maybe he was filming Farm Girls Gone Bad 2 in there.

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