Sex-Selective Abortion and the Ultimate Triumph of Sexual Liberty

by David French

Kathryn, thanks much for linking Live Action’s latest video (and thank God for Lila Rose and her Live Action team). Watching the Planned Parenthood worker casually laugh and scheme to figure out the most convenient and cheapest way to kill a baby girl, I’m reminded of the naïveté of my earlier years. “When the Left sees ‘choice’ colliding head-on with sexism and other forms of discrimination,” I thought “then it will wake up to the evil of abortion.”  

I underestimated the overwhelming ideological power of the sexual revolution. If a “right” to free contraceptives can trump centuries of hard-fought legal and moral arguments for the right of conscience, and the “right” to pay a doctor to kill your child trumps any conceivable nondiscrimination regime, I guess for the Left sexual liberty is now truly our first liberty. But what a stunning con job. Is it really the case that feminists have labored for generations to produce an abortion-on-demand regime that not only gives hedonistic men the great gift of sex without responsibility but also disproportionately produces ever-greater numbers of these healthy (no disabled kids, please) men?  As Ian pointed out, sex-selective abortion is altering “the overall sex ratio at birth of the entire planet.”  

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that 50 years of feminist activism has created a culture that a half-conscious team of drunken frat boys could brainstorm in five minutes.

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