Re Re: The Best American General?

by Michael Walsh

Daniel, thanks for a great poll. Since I come from a military family, I naturally found it irresistible, and figured I’d put it up on the Corner to see if it grabbed any comments over the loveliest and laziest weekend of the year. Right now I see it’s the Komment King, so mission accomplished.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their two cents, including those who felt I slighted Robert E. Lee. Although raised in the West, I am in fact a native southerner, so please don’t attribute any innate Yankee bias to me (my New England parentage notwithstanding). 

Anyway, to recap, my top three are Grant, Eisenhower, and Patton, with Winfield Scott coming up fast on the outside. Although MacArthur at Inchon was pretty damn good . . .

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