The Citizenship Test

by Veronique de Rugy

Yesterday I passed the Civic Test to become an American Citizen. I am very happy. I still need to be sworn in to complete the naturalization process, but that shouldn’t be long now.

For the test, I had to study a hundred questions from a pretty-looking instructive booklet. Overall, I thought it was instructive and covered a lot of ground. If I had one complaint it would be that the answers to the question “what is the economic system in America?,” capitalism and free-market economy, should be updated. When the government intervenes in virtually all spheres of economic activities, when no one in government seriously wants to shrink its size and scope, regulators are always looking for new rules to add to the federal register, and when a growing part of doing business is driven by special interests politics it is hard to answer this question with a straight face.

One of my questions was: Who is the Speaker of the House?

Another was: When was the Declaration of Independence signed or adopted? I was also asked to name one of the two longest rivers in America.

My written test required me to write: Thanksgiving is in November.

I passed!

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