The Immortal Dan Fielding

by Jay Nordlinger

In Impromptus today, I speak of “the routine killing of unborn baby girls in China.” I later say, “When I was growing up, people hated it if you used language like ‘unborn baby girls.’ The going phrase was ‘meaningless blob of protoplasm.’ I don’t know who came up with that phrase,” but “he or she ought to be rich from royalties.”

A reader writes,

Hey, Jay,

. . . Just last night, I was watching a rerun of Night Court. In this particular episode, several women are in labor while stuck in the court because of a hurricane. One couple shows a sonogram picture of their unborn baby to a group of people. The parents-to-be say something like, “Look how beautiful.” Dan Fielding, played by John Larroquette, retorts, “What, the blob of protoplasm and a spleen?”

Yes, it was a common phrase, back in the day . . .

Haven’t heard it much lately, though. Maybe I am not running in the right circles?

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