The Candidate, the Cherokee, and the Democrat

by Charles C. W. Cooke

Elizabeth Warren has had mixed results in her longstanding attempt to convince the world that she’s an authentic Cherokee Native American, but one group is most definitely not buying it. Says the Boston Herald:

Cherokees angered by Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Native American heritage said today they’ll stand in silent protest against the embattled Senate candidate during Saturday’s Democratic Convention in Springfield.

“I believe we need a presence there. Warren hasn’t recanted her claims or apologized to the Cherokee people,” said David Cornsilk, a 53-year-old citizen of Cherokee Nation who co-created a group called “Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren.”

Cornsilk said Warren’s admission today that she did inform both ivy league schools of her alleged American Indian ties points to her character. Warren had originally said she didn’t know the universities were listing her as Native American until she read about it in the Boston Herald.

“I think there’s a pattern of deception that is emerging, and she’s showing that she did know and that she did do these things,” said Cornsilk.

This “pattern of deception” has continued well beyond its sell-by date, according to Democratic congressman Stephen Lynch (D., Mass.), who described watching the candidate’s contortions as “water torture.” On The Hill:

 Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (D) has badly botched questions surrounding her Native American heritage and the issue is damaging her campaign, Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) told The Hill.

“There has to be an answer for this at some point, something that’s full and comprehensive and has some closure to it as opposed to the way it’s been dragged out — like water torture,” Lynch said late Thursday afternoon.

Asked if Warren and her campaign should put out all the information to put the story to bed, Lynch said “they probably should have done that probably four weeks ago.”

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