Is This What Social Justice Looks Like?

by David French

My favorite chapter of Jonah’s book was his multi-page exploration of the utter meaninglessness of the term “social justice.” Yet the term’s almost infinite malleability doesn’t stop progressives from browbeating Evangelical Christians in particular with the idea that pro-life conservatism is inconsistent with Christ’s alleged devotion to this extra-biblical socialist construct.

Well, after three-plus years of high unemployment, stagnant wages, crippling debt, and — oh yes — absolute commitment to abortion on demand (including sex-selective abortions), I must ask: Is this what social justice looks like? One of the most striking aspects of the social-justice movement is its unyielding devotion to economic, cultural, and moral principles that are least likely to bring about the outcomes they so fervently desire. Give a social-justice advocate the policies they want, and the social injustice only deepens.   

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