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From Special Report with Bret Baier | Thursday, May 31, 2012

On David Axelrod’s campaign speech on the steps of the Massachusetts Statehouse:

You’ve got to ask yourself on today’s events: Who is David Axelrod, and who elected him? Who decided he should stand outside the [statehouse] and give a speech? He’s an adviser of the president. He has no stature. I think that looked bad, [his being] drowned out. Why wouldn’t you… have the vice president of the United States speaking… or a surrogate who’s elected. I think that [Axelrod] is a lousy choice.

On the outcome of John Edwards’s federal corruption trial:

I hate to be cold and calculating about this but I think this will not be retried. I think that’s a good thing.

There is a distinction between bad behavior and illegal behavior, and I’m glad that the jury upheld that [distinction] because we have a tendency here to criminalize — to want to criminalize — all bad behavior. I think that the case for criminality [in the Edwards case] was extremely thin.

What I found most interesting is what he [Edwards] said after this [placing the blame on himself] — where he said he wants to continue to work for the poor. And he used a phrase that Jesse Jackson had used at the Democratic convention of 1984 when he made a convention speech after losing the nomination. Jesse Jackson said “God is not finished with me yet.” Well, Edwards used almost the same phrase. He said “God is not done with me yet,” which had this echo.

Jackson meant: I’ll have another shot at the presidency, I’ll be in politics. I hope Edwards wasn’t implying that, but that could have been a trial balloon of someone who lost any future in politics hoping that perhaps there will be something.

If he is hoping, he is delusional….

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