Crazy Talk Coming to Your Local Radio Next Week

by Jack Fowler

I’ve written before (most recently here) about this concocted lawsuit by U.S. trial lawyers who are trying to shake down Chevron for billions over claims that the company polluted Ecuador rainforests, left abandoned oil fields un-remediated, caused medical misery for countless locals, and plenty of other hoo-ha. There’s a lot of money at stake (a number of deep-pocketed lefties have bankrolled this baloney, and are expecting a return on their investment), so next week the Amazon Defense Coalition is rolling out a major radio ad campaign—“You Break It You Fix”—targeting conservative-minded folk and trying to convince them that Chevron is “anti-American.” It’s faux patriotism meets Saul Alinsky (listen here).

One of the tiring things about this endless campaign against Chevron (eight federal courts in the US that have reviewed this case have labeled the plaintiff’s conduct “fraud,” and two weeks ago, the U.S. Southern District Court of New York upheld the company’s RICO charge that the campaign and its backers were engaged in an “extortionate scheme”) is the claim that its long-remedied projects in Ecuador created so much pollution that the locals are dying from water contamination. While there isn’t a shred of evidence to this charge (Maria Aguinda was suckered into becoming the lead litigant not because of any Chevron-related matter but in exchange for free medicine) the fact is that there are plenty of water/health issues in Ecuador, but that is courtesy of the government’s horrid record on purification and treatment plants (animal and human waste contaminate much of the water supply).

Well, if the Amazon Defense Coalition believes a radio ad is going to swing conservatives to the cause of hustling trial lawyers, there must be something in the water they’re drinking.

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