Neighborhood Watch

by Robert Costa

Milwaukee, Wis. — Here at a Walker outpost, John Larrabee, a 54-year-old truck driver, is making phone calls. The mood in the room, which is full of posters and empty Diet Coke cans, is positive. But Larrabee is mixed about the governor’s chances on Tuesday. All around his city neighborhood, he says, there are union canvassers, including public teachers who drove up from Illinois to campaign for Democrat Tom Barrett. “I live right down the street from the MTEA, the Milwaukee teachers’ union,” he says. “They’re everywhere.”

What disturbs Larrabee the most, however, is a letter he recently found in his mailbox. It was paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, a 527 group supported by union allies. It lists his neighbors and charts whether they voted in recent elections.

The chart shows the names of some of your neighbors, showing which have voted in the past. Look at the list below: are there neighbors on this list you know? Call them or knock on their door before Election Day, and ask them to vote on. Tuesday, June 5th.

Of course, Larrabee knows that this is public information. But he and others at the Walker office say the next line is chilling, especially to neighbors who are conservative or apolitical.

After the June 5th election, public records will tell everyone who voted and who didn’t.

Here’s my snapshot of the letter:

UPDATE: Christian received this letter, too.

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