MA Gov.: Bain Taught Romney to Create Wealth, Not Jobs

by Katrina Trinko

Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick denied today that Barack Obama had made Bain attacks a key component of his campaign. 

“The president has never attacked Bain,” Patrick said on the Meet the Press. “It’s not about Bain, it never has been.” 

Romney, Patrick said, had “had a terrific career creating wealth” at Bain but “there is very little evidence, either in the public or private sectors, that he created jobs.”

Also on Meet the Press, GOP strategist Alex Castellanos suggested that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal might be the perfect vp pick for Romney.

“I think Romney would probably be wise to pick the dullest guy he could pick – a suitcase with no handle. Because you want the spotlight not to be on your VP pick, you want it to be on Barack Obama,” Castellanos said, per Playbook. He went on to say that Ohio senator Rob Portman — who is getting a lot of buzz in the beltway for  being a good, safe pick — brought the baggage associated with having served in the George W. Bush administration. “I think somebody to watch is a Bobby Jindal, who has been vetted, who’s been out there, who has a terrific record.”

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